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A person wakeboarding on a sunny day in the Florida Keys.


Virtually replacing the need for a boat, cable systems are an overhead towing device used to pull riders across a body of water. Keys Cable has unique, 2-point cable systems that are independently operated. Unlike traditional cable systems that pull multiple riders around a lake in a square or circular motion, our systems pull one rider at a time between two points, in a continuous, back and forth motion.

The riding feel is very similar of being behind a boat, but slightly easier because of upward lift that is incurred from a higher tow point. The cable systems are run by small, electric motors, using only about as much energy as a small refrigerator, making them very energy efficient and the greenest source of wakeboarding available, AND at Keys Cable powered by the sun!


Sessions are sold by the hour.

The cable pulls one rider at a time.

Our independently controlled system allows our operator to customize the ride just for you, adjusting the speed based on your ability level. No more swimming or walking back to the dock after a fall - the cable will stop and the operator will bring the handle to you so you can continue your ride.

Advanced riders can still perform all the air tricks they would behind a boat or full size cable, and will enjoy the quick recovery after a fall.


With multiple riders, your hour will be split into sessions lasting anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on your stamina, time on the board, and group size.

Come ride with us!

A person jumping over a ramp on a wakeboard in Marathon, Florida.


$165/hour. Gear rental additional $17/hour per person.

A child holding a wakeboard and smiling.

With two cable systems, we are set up for riders of all levels!

Our beginner cable is great for first time riders or those interested in learning to hit their first jump. The advanced cable offers options for advanced riders to hit larger features including XL kicker, rails, and box. All private sessions will include basic coaching tailored to your experience and goals.

Reserve the cable today for your personalized wakeboarding session!


$37/hr per person. Gear rental additional $17/hr per person.

First come, first served. Based on availability. 


$199 for up to 2 People. 

Recommended for ages 8+

A one-of-a-kind course designed to get you kiteboarding in the safest fastest and most effective way possible! The C4K uses a custom designed kiteboard harness adapter to simulate the pull of a kite while riding under the cable. You will learn all the fundamentals including board starts, active edge control, upwind riding, and transitions to streamline your introduction to kiteboarding.

A person learning how to kiteboard in the Florida Keys.


A person learning how to foil board in the Florida Keys.

$199 for up to 2 People.
Intermediate to advanced board skills are a prerequisite for this course.

Are you bored with years of being a master board rider and looking for the next thrill? Maybe you just saw a Kai Lenny video and want to try the magic carpet? This course is for you!


Riders will have to perform 2 laps at the beginning of the lesson on a strapless surfboard and show the ability to make a deep water start before being allowed on the foil. Foiling is insanely fun but inherently riskier due to the gear. Help us help you!

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